Yoga myths in the modern world

There are a lot of things about yoga, we don’t know. And even more myths, we believe about yoga are not true. Here we will speak about top yoga statements that are false and will explain why.

Number one: “Yoga is only for flexible people”

This is hundred per cent fake belief about yoga. In fact, the European world is the one that thinks that yoga is only for people with special skills and flexibility. In India, where yoga was born, people do not think so. And they never did.

Most likely the flexibility, as one of the features of yoga became popular nowadays, as the techniques of modern classes have made their priorities clear: – more physical than spiritual development; – using more gymnastics moves and even circus techniques, than classic yoga training. Of course, proper yoga practice is taking much longer and more spiritual powered.

The fact is – real yoga does not require an extra physical level of flexibility and can be applied to anyone at any age and even with former traumas.

Number two: “Yoga is mostly for women”

Nowadays the participants in yoga classes are 90% women. Why? There are few reasons: women are taking more time to do their training, modern yoga is mostly positioned like aerobics for women, women are looking after their health and look much more precise than men, women are more interested in esoteric and Eastern culture, etc.

But yoga has actually so much to offer for men. Let’s just remember the fact that before the 20th-century yoga practice in India was allowed for men only. And it actually can give modern men a lot – starting from developing their mental strength, becoming more successful, and ending with the fact that yoga is just remarkable for men’s health and mojo.

Number three: “ Yoga is boring and doesn’t give serious physical training to your body”

That is absolutely not true. In yoga, there are around 1080 positions and most important ones around 108. And how many moves do your fitness practice have – 20 or 30? We are sure, that if you felt bored with a yoga class, you just need to search for another teacher. Cause there are 250 million people practising yoga in the world – which proves that it just cannot be boring. And the physical part of the classes you will feel from the first time. It is actually very hard, cause you will be using a group of mussels, you never used before. Later on, you will feel not just your body getting trained but your brain as well.


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