How to choose clothes for snowboarding?

For snowboarding special clothes are produced. It is impossible to use everyday winter clothes here, and it is unlikely that you want because it can cause much discomfort on the slope during skiing.

Clothes for snowboarding should give warmth and at the same time be light and free, do not restrain movement. It should protect against wind and be waterproof, at the same time it should “breathe” under high loads when the body is sweating.

To make such an integrated effect, you can, if you follow the rule of layering clothes – for practicing winter sports, including snowboarding, you need to wear three layers:

  • the first – thermal underwear (sweatshirts and underpants);
  • the second – fleece jumper;
  • the third – a special jacket and pants.

When buying snowboard pants and jackets you need to consider that they are designed for active movement and should sit freely.


For comfortable snowboarding, you need special snowboard socks. These are high socks with foot and leg support zones. They are also designed to remove moisture from the foot and keep heat. Neither thick cotton nor woolen socks for snowboarding are suitable. To protect your hands from the cold, it is recommended to buy special snowboard mittens or gloves. Some models already have built-in plastic plates to protect the wrists. In the case of wrist protection, it is important to make sure that new gloves or mittens fit on it.

For head protection, it is highly recommended riding in a helmet, for extra warmth using a special ski mask (balaclava). But, if the snowboarder nevertheless neglects the helmet, then you can choose any hat, the main thing is that it does not blow through and fall off the head during the ride.


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